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Under this section we will be adding advise to home owners towards continued upkeep of their property.

On going maintenance is the key to avoiding large repair costs in the future.


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Leaf Guards Keep your Evestroughs free of dirt and debris

All part of the All Important Water Management of your Property.

Leaf Guards all part of Water Management.

Yes or No

One might think that a blocked eves trough has nothing to do with Water Management and the movement of water away from the building foundation. But, blocked down spouts by leaves and debris is just the start of even bigger problems.

Once a down spout becomes blocked then the eves trough fills and overflows. Apart from the water falling from the eves trough directly to the ground and immediately in the vicinity of the foundation the water can also have the tendency to pass between the trough and the fascia board. If the fascia board is wood, then over time damage is likely.

I'm not saying you will never have to clean your eves troughs again, but they do stop large debris from blocking downspouts. If your shingles are fairly new you will still get grains of shale coming off the asphalt. This is normal and will need to be washed out.

My one major concern is in the early spring when snow on the roof melts during the day then freezes at night. This can be a real problem of ice damming. The water now starts to build a dam on the leaf guard and as soon as the temperature rises or the melting is caused by escaping heat from the property, the water can back-up under the shingles causing roof leakage and damage.

This is a judgment call from the property owner

You still need to monitor them and clean out when required.

You can always call us for advice or email us.