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Under this section we will be adding advise to home owners towards continued upkeep of their property.

On going maintenance is the key to avoiding large repair costs in the future.


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Property Maintenance - Keeping the House Healthy!

Below we will be listing the problems we see in houses from a lack of good maintenance which we should all be doing as our houses are the biggest investments which most of us will ever make. And some of the things we uncover are just a lack of knowledge by the homeowner which in some cases turn out to be potentially dangerous.

This Inspection may take a while longer!!!

Broken down house

General Sections of a Property

The following is a broad list of the sections of a property we cover in carrying out an inspection.

Structural Components
Air Conditioning
Insulation and Ventilation
Fireplaces and Fuel Burning Appliances

Be advised we also inspect decks and structures to be code compliant. Inspections performed using this standard are not technically exhaustive.

Be aware we cannot report on concealed conditions, we can't look behind drywall or dismantle to report.